Tips to Pair Your Beer with Your Calgary Pizza Order

Few meals bring the words “relaxation” and “delicious” to mind like pizza and beer. Whether it is a Friday night or you are wishing it was Friday night, pizza pairs perfectly with your favourite brew. Just like wines, though, certain bottles will complement certain toppings on your pie better than others. Read our handy list of pairings below and contact Chicago Deep Dish Pizza to place your order for pizza delivery in Calgary. Whether you already have the beers on hand or are looking for a little inspiration, we have a large menu or can customize the pizza you desire.

Here are some ideas for matching our speciality deep dish pizzas with your favourite kind of beer. Try a new brew or get a new perspective on the flavours of your favourite pizza with these awesome pairings: 

  • Cheese: You want to avoid overwhelming the flavour of this simple pizza with a particularly bitter beer. Opt for fresh, light, and refreshing selections like a saison, witbeir, or Czech style pilsner. British pale ales can also balance the simple yet bold flavours of this classic, ‘no frills’ pie. 
  • Pepperoni: If you are opting for a pepperoni pizza delivery, you should consider an IPA to bring out its best. The malty flavours will complement the starchiness of the crust and acidity of the sauce, while cleansing the palate of the rich and salty flavours from the pepperoni. Get ready for another bite with a swig of a great IPA. 
  • Salami and Mushroom: Balance the salt of the salami and the earthiness of the mushrooms with a strong pale ale or ‘biere de garde.’ These brews are earthy but bold, so they will complement your pizza while still remaining distinct. 
  • Hawaiian: It may seem odd, given the light and tropical toppings, but a dark drink is suited to a pineapple and ham pizza. Balance those sweet and salty flavours with a dark lager. Consider a smoky or brown beer to bring out layers of flavour in your glass and on your plate. 
  • Chicken Club: If you prefer poultry on your pizza, grab a 6-pack of a hoppy amber or red IPA for flavours that are tasty and balanced. The beer can handle the acidity of the tomato sauce while allowing you to enjoy the chicken. 

Need a Quick Dinner? Call for Pizza Delivery in Calgary

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