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Pizza to the Rescue: 5 Reasons to Order Lunch Today!

Tired of the same old same old at the office? How about shifting gears at lunch and ordering in some hot and delicious deep dish pizza in Calgary?! Now, that’ll put a smile on everybody’s face!

As if you needed more incentive to get hot and delicious pizza delivered in Calgary, let’s take a look at five reasons to do it… this week:

1. Team building. Join in to what European cultures have known for centuries; there’s nothing like a delicious meal to bring people together! In North America, we often get so caught up being busy, busy, busy that we forget to stop and smell the Capicollo. Consider an office lunch order in Calgary of delicious Italian food and take the time to enjoy it…. It will bring people together in a relaxed and tasty atmosphere and help build team spirit.

2. Birthday surprise. Is somebody in the office celebrating a special day? Surprise them with a lunch order of primo deep dish pizza in Calgary! It will do wonders for office morale, as well!

3. Special projects. Not everybody’s a fan of working extra hours on big projects. Show appreciation for your staff’s commitment by offering office lunch catering in Calgary! And not just any catering… get top-quality pizza delivery in Calgary and before you know it, your staff might actually start looking forward to that next big special project!

4. Variety. Maybe some of your staff is dieting? Or maybe some are vegetarians? No problem! No pizza delivery outfit in Calgary worth their sea salt will be without Greek, Caesar or tossed salad options, or meatless pizza choices.

5. Summertime fun! Let’s face it; Calgary isn’t known for its Mai Tais and coral reefs. But when winter gives way to spring and summer, everybody wants to play hooky and be outside! Pre-empt the urge and make your next lunch order in Calgary hot and tasty pizza or baked spaghetti with refreshing bubbly soda on the side, and make a picnic of it!

Make that next office lunch a memorable event! Give us a call at Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! With eight locations in Calgary, there’ll be one close by.

At Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, our mouth-watering, piping-hot lunch order pizza delivery in Calgary will put a smile on everybody’s face! At Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, we don’t cut corners—our square pizzas are 30% larger than garden-variety round ones, and we’re open 364 days a year from 10:30am.

Call us today and let us make your next lunch order in your Calgary place of business an occasion to remember!