5 Quick Dinner Ideas

Wondering what’s for dinner? Whether you’re putting together a meal for the whole family or it’s only yourself that needs feeding, it can feel like a Herculean task to cook supper after a long day at work. Why not leave the cooking to us at Chicago Deep Dish Pizza? With eight locations in Calgary to serve you, your next meal is always just around the corner. Or, let us deliver straight to your door for an at home meal you only have to plate to enjoy. Consider one of the following options for your next meal.

Deep dish pizza

Chicago-style pizza baked fresh and topped just the way you like it. Choose one or more of our popular specialities or build your own. There’s something for everyone including a pizza that’s just right for:

  • The meat lover. He or she is sure to appreciate our All Meat Toppings pizza that includes beef, pepperoni, salami and back bacon. 
  • The veggie lover. Herbivores will rejoice in Earth’s Harvest, a pizza topped with mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, olives and onions. 
  • The seafood lover. Those who have a fondness for seafood will want to taste our Deep Ocean. This pizza is crowned with an abundance of shrimp and anchovies. 
  • The spice lover. Our Super Hot will heat up your taste buds to perfection. This zippy pizza includes hot chilli peppers, salami, pepperoni and back bacon.

Baked lasagna
The best in Calgary, our baked lasagna with tomato meat sauce is topped with a thick layer of lightly browned mozzarella and is otherwise cooked to perfection. We use only the freshest ingredients, ensuring a mouth-watering baked pasta dish every time.

Baked spaghetti
A favourite with Calgary kids of all ages, our baked spaghetti is topped with a hearty tomato meat sauce and densely crowned with melted mozzarella. It comes with garlic toast so you can sop up every morsel of our delicious sauce.

Chicken wings
Who says chicken wings can’t be a main course? Ours come either buffalo style or with honey garlic. Enjoy on their own or order a salad—choice of Greek, Caesar or garden—to complete the meal.

Caesar salad and garlic toast
If you or someone in your group prefers a light meal, why not order our zesty Caesar salad with garlic toast? Add chicken to the salad for a small additional charge, or simply enjoy it as it comes.

When you don’t want to cook or you simply have a craving for Chicago-style deep dish pizza, think Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Call any one of our locations right now to order your meal.