If you’re planning a pizza-themed shindig in the coming days or weeks, and you really want your guests to have an evening they won’t soon forget, try these following tips for a five-star bash. Just be sure to order your deep dish pizzas from us at Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. With eight locations throughout Calgary, and delivery available day and night, you’re sure to find getting hot delicious pizzas when and where you want them a cinch.

A variety of pizzas

Not every pizza fanatic in Calgary is built the same. Thankfully, when it comes to deep dish pizzas there’s a style and flavour to please every palette. Ordering a variety of pizzas for your get-together is a must if you hope to keep every guest happy. For the meat lovers in your group, order our Mr. Universe, which has pepperoni, salami, beef, ham, and back bacon, plus a few veggies for added flavour. Seafood fans will undoubtedly appreciate our Deep Ocean which combines anchovies and shrimp in a single tasty morsel. Vegetarians will be pleased with a slice or two of our Earth’s Harvest while those who like a bit of zip and spice will surely get a kick out of our Mexicana or Super Hot. You can even customize our deep dish pizzas to your liking, and create a unique flavour all your own.

Dips and additions

Your guests will appreciate if you provide a little something extra for their pizzas. Setting up a serving station that includes chilli flakes, Parmesan cheese, ranch dip, and extra pizza sauce will allow your guests to customize every bite. When ordering, be sure to request any of these additions to your delivery order.


While pizza in and of itself is a complete meal, if you want to add an extra dose of decadence, consider adding one or more side dishes. As well as our deep dish pizzas, each of our eight locations can provide delivery of a number of accoutrements for your Calgary bash. Salad—Greek or Caesar, honey garlic wings, buffalo wings, cheese toast or garlic toast, and baked pastas are all possibilities.


No pizza party would be complete without beer and wine to offer your guests. For those who abstain from alcohol, be sure to offer a selection of our canned and bottled pop.

The best deep dish pizza in Calgary

Admittedly, we’re a bit biased, but since 1987 our pizzas have been savoured and enjoyed by pizza lovers in Calgary of all ages. Our commitment to using only top quality fresh ingredients and the exceptional value of our pizzas sets Chicago Deep Dish Pizza apart. Contact us to place an order today.